NuSirt is the sole owner of the patents and patent applications covering its discovery and commercialization (Patents). Eight US patents have been issued or allowed to date. Two of these cover NuSirt’s core technology and six additional patents cover specific compositions and methods of use.  NuSirt has seven additional patents pending in the US, with corresponding patents pending globally. The Patents have layered claims sets designed to maximize protection and value for the company in various commercial applications. Specifically, the Patents provide global protection and cover compositions of matter, combinations with therapeutics, methods of use (for humans and animals), formulations (including beverage, tablet, and food), specific indications including fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis, diabetes and pre diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other metabolic disease applications.

In addition to broad coverage, the Patent’s file history and term provide the company and any potential strategic partner flexibility to refine the portfolio based on specific commercial opportunities. NuSirt expects to continue to file patents as its research efforts generate more valuable discoveries.